Top Websites For Music Lovers

#1 Daytrotter

Daytrotter is best known for sourcing music from newly emerging bands, however the site also hosts an array of established bands as well. Daytrotter also features live music sessions with popular musicians such as The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons. All members have access to these live sessions which are recorded for later viewing as well. Not to mention, you can create a queue of your favorite songs to play from varying artists. The Daytrotter truly has something for everyone from the Avett Brothers to bands as culturally diverse as the Swingin' Utters, no one will ever get bored of this genius music website.

#2 Hype Machine

Hype Machine is a musical conglomeration of and Pandora. This website is best known for aggregating music from several different mp3 blogs and posting them on their front web page where millions of users can 'love' a song and create a playlist from each tune. New music is posted under each genre daily and major album premieres from music's most popular artists can be found with a simple search and click of a button. Every song has links available for social media sharing and/or purchasing.

#3 NPR Music

NPR stands for National Public Radio and this site truly has it all from music premieres to live sessions, playlists, interviews, reviews, and so much more. Hand crafted articles are created so that the masses may discover new and diverse music. It is best to check out NPR Music for yourself to see what all of the fuss is about.

#4 This Is My Jam

This Is My Jam is best known for user to user sharing of music that is currently being listened to. Users come to this website to share their song of the moment that may just be on repeat in their car or invoking a spiritual awakening within their soul. The site utilizes links to YouTube and Soundcloud, while users are encouraged to like, comment, or even re-jam a song for their own profile. This Is My Jam is a great avenue for discovering new music and exploring all of the songs the world has to offer.

#5 Soundcloud

Soundcloud began as a great space for musicians to share their personal recordings but it eventually grew into so much more. The site now utilizes technology that allows musicians to promote, collaborate, and share their music with people around the world. The most unique feature of Soundcloud is its waveform sound and song display that allows users to listen to certain sections or even stop songs midway to comment on particular scores, harmonies, and melodies of a piece. Although, Soundcloud is recognized as more of a distribution tool rather than a listening tool, it still does each with quality.

#6 Stereomood

Stereomood is a great way to match emotion to songs. If you search the words 'crying my eyes out' you will immediately be greeted with a playlist fit to ease and sympathize with this mood. You will not only receive songs that currently match what you are feeling, but you will be able to discover new songs along the way. The algorithm behind Stereomood is surprisingly accurate and spot on. Give it a try for yourself. Stereomood may just curate a playlist that will help you wallow in your emotions or possibly even uplift your day. Go ahead and press the 'mood flip' button to be greeted with music meant to brighten up your life.

#7 Concert Vault

Concert Vault is the perfect place to locate live concerts that are streamed online. Want to watch the Palladium 1978 Ramones show? You can. Plus the Concert Vault hosts an arrangement of music genres including but not limited to rock, jazz, bluegrass and also for indie music lovers. Keep in mind that Concert Vault is a members only website that charges a monthly fee. However, it is well worth the money with its plethora of recorded video and audio streams along with countless interviews, shows, and featured downloads. You will be able to watch a concert you attended 10 years ago!

Websites For Music Lovers