Top Museums For Music Lovers

#1 Nashville, Tn - The Johnny Cash Museum

Johnny Cash Museum

Nashville isn't nicknamed the 'music city' for no reason as it is home to the Country Music Hall of Fame. However, 2013 also marked the city as home to a museum fully dedicated to the memory of Johnny Cash. The Johnny Cash Museum is said to host one of the largest collection of Cash memorabilia in the world. Within the museum you can find anything and everything Johnny Cash from hand-written lyrics to old guitars. Not to mention, there is a small theater within the museum where one can watch historical clips from Cash's TV appearances and concert performances.

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#2 Kingston, Jamaica - The Bob Marley Museum

Bob Marley Museum

The Bob Marley Museum is worth dragging yourself off of the beaches of Jamaica for a few hours to visit the reggae legends halls of fame. Bob Marley lived in Kingston until he died in 1981 and visitors can view several personal items from Mr.Marley's life. Visitors are also welcome to explore the recording studio he utilized for several of his most popular tracks. Plus, if by any chance you miss the museum's general hours, you are still able to visit the cafe/juice bar as it is open much later than the rest of the location.

#3 Stockholm, Sweden - ABBA The Museum

ABBA The Museum

ABBA The Museum is chock full of Mamma Mia treats! And even though the museum was curated after a certain performer's death, the remaining members are heavily involved in the museums organizations, costume donations, and swedish language audio recorded guides. Visitors can truly jump into the museum through its interactive exhibits and living history.

#4 Liverpool, UK - The Beatles Story

The Beatles Story

The Beatles's were born and raised natives of Liverpool and it is here in their hometown where you can find the amazing Beatles Story Museum. The museum itself can be found in the UNESCO World Heritage area of Liverpool. The museum has an array of features including an interactive 4-D version of Beatles songs and clubs where the band first played their earliest gigs. You are even able to sing along with them as an extra band member!

#5 Bonn, Germany - Beethoven Haus

Beethoven Haus

All classical music lovers will want to take the time to visit the birthplace and museum of world renowned composer Beethoven. The small yet extremely informative museum pays tribute to the composer through letters, books, artifacts, and sheet music from throughout Beethoven's lifespan. The highlight of the museum is the composition of music that plays through the building as you visit each exhibit.

#6 Detroit, Michigan - Motown Museum

Motown Museum

Motown was birthed and discovered within the walls of Detroit, Michigan and they play a significant part in the city's history. Although, the museum is best known for honoring more than just Motown as it also pays tribute to Berry Gordy and the foundation on which he built Motown Records. You are even able to visit Studio A where artist like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and the Supremes recorded their very first hits.

#7 Paris, France - Musee Edith Piaf

Musee Edith Piaf

Every year millions of tourist come to the Musee Edith Piaf to visit the grave of Paris's Pere Lachaise cemetery. However, only a few of the most knowledgable know about a museum solely dedicated to her located across town. The Musee Edith Piaf is comprised of a couple of small rooms and it is specifically located in the private apartment of the 11th arrondissement. The museum includes several artifacts from the singer's life such as photographs, clothes, and home decor. Since the location has not been deemed as an official museum, do not expect supplemental materials or a guided tour.

#8 Cleveland, Ohio - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Cleveland, Ohio's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is busting at the seems with encyclopedic exhibits revolving around the many rock and roll musicians, songwriters, producers, and other stars that worked behind the scenes to bring these killer rock and roll albums to life. You can find exhibits on Nirvana, The Beatles, and Linda Ronstadt to name a few.