Music of Mary Youngblood

At the age of six Mary Youngblood began piano. At the age of eight Mary Youngblood took up the practice of violin and at the age of ten Mary started to play the guitar and classical flute. It was as an adult that Mary was introduced to her first wooden Native flute when it was gifted to her. Mary quickly took to the Native flute and made it her life pursuit to master this ancient instrument as it was tied to her very own heritage.

After many years of dedication and practice Mary Youngblood has now produced five accomplished and truly unique albums featuring her Native flute music. Mary has also acquired a small collection of two hundred and fifty hand crafted Native American Flutes and has utilized a handful of them throughout her many albums. Every flute has been masterfully carved from a different type of wood and each wood type brings a one of a kind texture and sound to each song.

However, Mary's music is so much more than just a song and feels more like a prayer or poem. Her music takes flight as a profoundly spiritual and sacred historical courtship with wooing attributes. Mary evokes many emotions in many fans and takes no credit for this as she claims she is only a vessel between the creator and an instrument. Mary currently resides in Northern California with her family. Below you will find a description each of Mary Youngblood's top albums.

Beneath The Raven Moon

Mary Youngblood was one of the first female artists to take up the Native American Flute professionally and Beneath The Raven Moon was one of Mary's most popular albums. The album features her accomplished flute skills along with a contemporary mix of percussion and acoustic guitar. One might say that Mary Youngblood's music is reminiscent of folk music and blues music alike. 'Within My Heart' is the album's title track which features a solo flute performance from Mary Youngblood herself.

Dance With The Wind

It is said that Mary Youngblood was first inspired to create her Dance With The Wind album by a thunderstorm. During this thunderstorm Mary has claimed to witness a tree being thrashed by the strong and sometimes even violent winds. However, as time passed Mary began to look at the storm different and saw that the tree was actually dancing among the wind. This image struck her as a life metaphor to find persistence and strength to be able to dance during the 'storms' life throws at us. This album differs from her past records by substituting more piano, rhythm, and guitar creating less correlation to folk and blues music.

Feed The Fire

Mary Youngblood's Feed the Fire album of Native American Fluting exposes her talent fully for all to see. Plus, her vocals as well as piano playing abilities outshine all the rest through this compositional masterpiece. This album is full of earthiness and has a sense of warmth that one can feel throughout its melodies of acoustic Native American folk music. 'Long Long Road' is the album's title song and 'Far From Home' is one of the albums most popular highlights. Ian Anderson and Bill Miller both make guest cameos on this well conducted album as well.

Heart Of The World

Mary Youngblood's original sound has the capability to take listeners to places they have never even imagined before. Her skills as a Native American flutist are colorful, textured, and poignant. Each song is uniquely and specially presented so that each listener may have a wondrous experience. Joanne Shenandoah has joined Mary Youngblood on this Heart Of The World album gracing it with her beautiful vocals on six of the amazing tracks. This album also includes instruments such as the cittern, bass, dulcimer, eagle bone whistle, guitar, drums, and none other than Mary's breathtaking Native Flutes. Not to mention, the album is titled after the U'wa Native people of the rainforest's native lands throughout South America. A percentage of each album sale is given to benefit the U'wa people.

Sacred Place

Mary Youngblood is a multiple Grammy award winner and the Sacred Place album meets all expectations. The Sacred Place collection debuts a softer side of Mary and emphasizers her serene yet sometimes even melancholy flute playing. Mary is said to flirt with several rhythmic textures on songs such as 'Wind Whispers', and 'Yuba' as the guitar weaves much of the album together. However, it is always Mary's seasoned flute playing that comes to the forefront and strings along her harmonies.

The Offering

Mary's 25 years of Native American Flute artistry comes alive on the album of The Offering. This album is comprised of all of Mary's live recordings in a 180 feet underground Moaning Cavern. The Offering album solely consists of Mary's beautiful flute playing and the natural sounds made within the cavern. These one of a kind poetic songs are dynamic and create a truly unique musical experience. Each and every track holds its own story that will vibrate through your mind, body, and soul.

Mary Youngblood