Music of Kurt Van Sickle

Climbing the mountain by Kurt Van Sickle

This is the fifth album in the Extended Chant Series and is the celebration of glorious hope and a goodness of humankind as we strive for self-mastery. It is seamless and there is a flowing melody that combines with ethereal crow performances along with string instruments which creates a profound musical representation of unconditional love. It is a magnificent work of art and beautiful and inspiring as all of the other composers previous releases.

Father, father by Kurt Van Sickle

This is a musical prayer of devotion that yearns to serve the Source of all life. He is deeply beautiful and has an ethereal sequence of vowel sounds that create a wonderful environment of peace in your home and heart.

Make me an instrument by Kurt Van Sickle

Again this is part of the Extended Chant series for contemplative and spirituality albums. It creates a sublime atmosphere for prayer and peace. It is an 11-member choir that sings the hymn, back by cello, guitar and ambient orchestral textures. There is a harmonious nature that is very appealing in this album and the hushed vocals that whisper" make me an instrument, Lord of thy peace" calm the listener and fill them with a sense of God's love for all mankind. It is great for meditation.

Mother Divine

This is a delicate lullaby that expresses the feminine aspect of Divine love. It is a favorite and nourishes and sustains the radiant child within all of us.

O blessed be by Kurt Van Sickle

To call this composition heavenly is an understatement. It has serene clouds of strings floating through gentle coral vocals. The music is the very definition of peaceful. It has a powerful relaxing effect on the listener, which makes them calm and centered. Each of his series is increasingly fine tuned with spiritual landscapes, which find the perfect tempo, and the musical environment to plunge the listener into even deeper levels of tranquility. This addition is the pinnacle of his craft, which uplifts energy and pure joy with the quiet prayer.

Kurt Van Sickle