Music of Dik Darnell

At the ripe young age of 14, Dik Darnell began his musical career when he received a scholarship from world renowned film composer Henry Mancini. This scholarship was only offered to musically gifted students and it was during his time spent studying at the Eastern Illinois University that Dik joined into a doo-wop singing group known as 'The Pentagons'. Dik was The Pentagons lead singer and it was this group that led him to take up studying the bass and guitar. Once Dik left this group he went on to create his first band named the 'Vest Teens' who later changed their name to the 'Precisions'. The band left on their first tour the day Dik graduated from high school in 1960 and recorded their very first album in a small studio located in Davenport, Iowa.

The very first recorded song Dik ever sang lead and composed on was titled 'This Is My Story' and once Dik got a taste of the recording arts he was hooked. Every week after his recording debut Dik began to drive into Chicago to pitch his songs to Mercury, Chess, King, VJ and RCA Records. During his several pitch attempts Dik learned the art of production and engineering music, which led Dik to his true passion of full time producing. Thus, Dik began his career of producing in 1967 and is still in business today.

Dik produced several artists during the 60's and 70's including the legendary recording of Baby Huey's top hits 'A Change Gonna Come', and 'Listen To Me'. Dik also produced for several other labels and artists including Sasa Di, Zephyr, Tommy Boylan, Philip Bailey, Larry Dunn, The Gallery, The Other Side of Time, and Tim Duffy just to name a few. Dik also composed several scores for the award winning film 'The Mobius Flip' on top of winning the International Broadcasters Award for 'World's Best Music in Advertising. Dik is well known for composing, creating, and producing for several National Advertising clients such as MasterCard, Frontier Airlines, GW Sugar, Red Seal Potato Chips, Big O Tires, Rexall Drugs, The Bravo Television theme, American National Bank, and the KOMO Seattle Radio theme.

Additionally, Dik taught at four Universities including Loretto Heights College in 1970 where he was an Associate Professor that taught the very first accredited rock and roll course in the history of College academic accreditation. It was also in the 1970's that Dik became an active member of the renowned Caribou Ranch Recording facility as well as the CBS distributed record label. Dik took residence on the ranch serving as an engineer, producer, and director for Caribou. The Caribou organization, founded by producer James William Guercio, managed several amazing artists including The Beach Boys, Chicago, Michael Murphy, Billy Joel, Chicago, and Gerard Band. Caribou also recorded albums for Earth Wind and Fire, Elton John, Joel Walsh, Barnstorm, Frank Zappa, Michael Jackson, Steven Stills, and Super Tramp.

After Dik left the comfort of Carbou, he began recording albums solo. He recorded 'Old Fashion Boy' by Stallion for Casablanca Records which hit America's top 40. He also produced Jimmy Ibbotson's very first solo album, Gerald. Not to mention, Dik produced for Chuck Pyle, Lonnie Hill, Glen Yarborough, Buddy Red Bow and John Denver. In 1989 Dik founded and established Etherean Music which has become one of the largest Independent Record labels in the United States. Etherean Music has released over 65 titles, won 14 Album of the Year awards and has been nominated for more than 40 albums. Dik himself has won many awards for his work in recording, film, and commercials including the 1999 Indie Award for the Best Album of the Year from AFIM.

Dik has most recently produced various mainstream artists including 'Waiting for the Sun' by Lindsey Brier. Plus, Dik is currently developing the alternative pop artist Savilla as well as a bilingual Latin album for the Jyemo Club, while co-founding the Thunder Smoke Entertainment Group.

Dik may have devoted a large part of his life to the art of music but his personal life was dedicated several humanitarian works and services. Dik has founded and directed the 1970 Four Winds Foundation, a non-profit educational and spiritual foundation that supports the Chief Fools Crow Humanitarian Fund. Dik was adopted by Chief Fools Crow in 1977. Chief Fools Crow was a spiritual leader as well as ceremonial chief of the Teton Sioux from 1925 until his death in 1989. The Four Winds Foundation is known best for providing humanitarian aid to America's Native Peoples and other people in need as well. Dik is a proud vegan who has led a plant based lifestyle for 45 years and will continue to advocate the preservation and conservation of our world's resources through diet. Dik is an astonishing artist and humanitarian who has created some of the world's most unforgettable music.

Music of Dik Darnell