Gifts for Indie Music Lovers

Offer You 5 Best Gifts for Indie Music Lovers

Digital music has become popular, as CDs are now obsolete. Sometimes purchasing last-minute band merchandise for anyone that is 16 is difficult. What is one to do when you're faced with buying gifts for the biting virtuoso or music aficionado? Here are some items that one can shop for your favorite music lover.

The Art Vinyl Display Set

Vinyl Display Set

You may have the record and even listen to it on a fancy record player but you need something to display the record. Art Vinyl is your answer. It is founded and limited by music art enthusiasts who have an eye for interior design. Art Vinyl displays sets that are sleek album frames that are built to show off your indie music lover's favorite LP. The frames hold one vinyl or a collection of up to three and you can swap and switch displays easily with a hinge special design.

LCD Soundsystem Photobook

LCD Soundsystem Photobook

Even though the band broke up in 2013, LCD Sound system wants you not to forget about them. They first release the epic documentary Shut Up and Play the Hits, which can be a great gift. It is the bands 260 page photo book by Ryan Wijesooriva and he has been taking shots of the band since early 2004. The book also includes a poetic forward by the author James Murphy himself.

Music Hall MMF-2.2LE Record Player

Music Hall MMF-2.2LE Record Player

No indie music lover gift is ever complete without a really cool dope record player. How else can you jam in front of the fireplace? Urban Outfitters carries a hipster premium record player such as this one especially since iPods and CD players just don't cut it. It has a two speed, belt driven turntable, alloyed tone arm and super quiet operation. It is the most luxurious, high-quality player yet.

Death Cab for Cutie, The Barsuk Years Box Set

Death Cab for Cutie The Barsuk Collection

In 2014 there were a lot of box set releases, which is true in the rock fashion, but they were all released as vinyl sets. A catalog from this awesome resurgence of old-school records is the Death Cab for Cutie, The Barsuk Years. This is a comprehensive collection of the bands most beloved albums. It is packaged in a sleek numbered cloth bound box and signed by every band member.

Florence and The Machine Goodies Box

Florence and The Machine Goodies Box

If you have a lot of money you want to spoil your indie lover get this box of goodies for the talented Florence Welch. This is merchandise that is overly tasteful and hip in comparison to a T-shirt. It is a stunning jeweled leather chest, designed by Faye Sawyer and features a special edition two disc copy of "Lungs". There is unique hand-drawn artwork included in a handwritten and signed letter in the goodies box.